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The AloqaVentures Venture Fund was established in 2021 by the Aloqabank Joint-Stock Commercial Bank to invest in innovative and promising start-up projects.

The fund's activities are aimed at stimulating companies, start-up projects and their partners to jointly create modern technological solutions, achieve success in innovation together with them, becoming a conductor of digital transformations.


The Venture Fund and AloqaVentures invest the accumulated funds in promising companies and start-up projects at the early stages of their development, which have the potential to enter the domestic and foreign markets through equity participation in their authorized fund (direct investment in capital) or the provision of convertible loans.

The model of the investment activity of the fund is aimed at creating the value of investment objects, increasing their competitiveness, as well as creating uniqueness and value for consumers.


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Artificial Intelligence Factory producing AI software in various sectors of the economy.


Innovative stock trading service.


Online scooter rental service




Answers to frequently asked questions
What are the rounds of attracting investments?

Investment rounds are classified into:

  1. Early - this includes pre-seed (pre-seed stage), seed (seed), angel funding, Round A.
  2. Late - all other stages are considered late, they have letter designations (Round B, Round C, Round D and others).
How is startup funding done?

The process of financing a startup begins with analytics: the product, demand for it, market size, financial performance indicators or their forecasts, skills and experience of the team, level of management, risks and other factors are evaluated. The choice of a suitable round of investments, the type of investor (business angel, accelerator, venture fund, and so on), the determination of the amount required by the company depends on the result. Financing at each new stage involves attracting more and more funds.

What is Pre-Seed (pre-seed round)?

The initial stage of funding, which falls on the idea stage, hypothesis testing, development and launch of the MVP (minimum viable product). It is considered separately from the generally accepted classification of investment rounds. At this stage, the source of funding is often the founders' own savings, as well as funds from relatives, friends, like-minded people (the so-called FFF triad - Friends, Fools, Family).

What is Seed (seed round)?

The generally accepted classification of investment rounds begins with seed. The stage is considered the most difficult, since it includes testing the business model, analyzing the degree of compliance of forecasts with real results.

When making a decision on financing, the demand for the product, the market size, the effectiveness of the business strategy, the level of professionalism of the team, its attitude and ambition are evaluated. The financial model is analyzed, which is built on the basis of available data, startup development forecasts, the potential of the market segment and indicators of similar companies in the same niche.

What is acceleration?

Acceleration is a program of intensive startup development through mentoring, training, financial and expert support.

What is incubation?

Incubation is an organization created to support startups at an early stage of their activities. It provides them with premises for rent on preferential terms, and also provides consulting, financial and legal assistance.


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