Venture fund "AloqaVentures" at the Central Eurasian Venture Forum (CEVF)


"AloqaVentures" venture fund participated in CEVF 2023 forum on startups and startup ecosystem, held in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Venture funds, investors, and innovators from Central Eurasian regions visited to exchange ideas and experiences, to open new opportunities for cooperation and business.

The conditions created for startups to present their ideas and attract investors at CEVF presented a great opportunity to get to know new startups and decide on potential investments.

During CEVF events, we met and agreed on cooperation with several interesting startups with high potential, such as CodiPlay (a mobile platform for learning programming) and HeroStudy (EdTech ERP systems).

CEVF gave us a great opportunity to find new partners and exchange experience in the venture field. During the forum, our team had the opportunity to participate in discussions, workshops, and various exhibitions, to establish contacts with several leading venture funds.