In cooperation with the venture fund "AloqaVentures", "IT park" and "Plug and Play", an international acceleration program was launched


Торжественную церемонию запуска международной программы акселерации запустил Министр по развитию информационных технологий и коммуникаций Республики Узбекистан Ш. Шерматов, председатель АК "Алокабанк" К.Ирисбекова, директор венчурного фонда "AloqaVentures" С.Гайбуллоев и директор "IT Park" Ф.Ибрагимов.

The "Plug and play" office in Uzbekistan was opened as a part of the project's formal launch.

Additionally, "Plug and Play" is a top innovation platform that links businesses, organizations, venture capital, academic institutions, and governmental organizations. The corporation is based in Silicon Valley, California, and has operations in more than 40 cities across five continents.