Books about startups: the most useful books for startups according to AloqaVentures


“Business from scratch. The Lean Startup Method by Eric Ries

Original: "The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radially Successful Businesses Hardcover", Eric Ries 

Currently, Lean Startup has turned from a book into a full-fledged international startup movement: there are large thematic online hangouts of entrepreneurs, official ones from the creator himself and unofficial ones from fans.

The author has worked in several companies (he was a co-founder of the IMVU social network, launched his own technology and consulting startup, worked in the venture capital fund Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers), and during his work he developed a certain methodology.

The Lean Startup method avoids most of the failures during the takeoff and growth of a startup. And if mistakes do happen, you can find tips in the book on how to get the most out of the lessons learned. An important point is the motto of the book: “Lean does not mean cheap, it means less wasteful.”

“From zero to one. How to create a startup that will change the future" Peter Thiel 

Original: Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel & Blake Masters

Peter Thiel is widely known not only as an investor in Facebook, but also as the founder of PayPal, as well as several venture capital funds. In his book, he was able to combine the views of a capitalist and a startup - and it is through the prism of this that Peter considers the most successful corporations and their development at different stages of formation.

At the heart of the philosophy of the book is the desire for a monopoly in the market, but not a “political” monopoly (with the help of connections), but a “customer-oriented” one (with the help of really good innovative products). In the process of studying the material, the reader constantly sees examples "from life" - the author analyzes the decisions that influenced the rapid growth of the business.

Reading this work is not only useful, but also extremely interesting (from the point of view of a fiction book): rather “narrow” business issues are considered from the point of view of not business, but ordinary people. 

"Presentation. Persuasion Lessons from the Apple Leader Carmina Gallo

In the original language: "Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs", Carmine Gallo

How to be amazing to any audience? Steve Jobs knew the answer to this question: whether it was the presentation of a new Apple project or negotiations with partners, Steve clearly knew how to win the attention of listeners and get the desired result. 

The author details all of Jobs' main techniques in his bestseller (according to the Wall Street Journal), translated into 20 languages.

The materials will be most useful for both CEOs of startups and marketers who constantly work with clients. And in general, everyone whose work is connected with public communication. 

What else to read for a startup

If all the literature from the list above has already been studied, but you want more, pay attention to the biographies of famous founders. Often there you can find information not only about the leaders themselves, but also about their methods of doing business. 

Each of these books provides a considerable boost of motivation - after all, the reader can see the whole path of creating giant corporations, from an idea to a multi-billion dollar profit.