The fund's portfolio startup project,, has raised $1.1 million completing the pre-seed stage.


The fund's portfolio startup project,, has raised $1.1 million for the large-scale application of "AI without data" after completing the pre-seed stage. These funds will be used to expand access to financial services. In addition, the project plans to expand its geography and enter the markets of MENA countries

To date, the project solution is already working in 8 organizations, in 4 markets of Central Asia, and loans worth more than 9 million US dollars have been issued to small businesses and the public.

"Since posting our first income earlier this year, we have surpassed 25% compound monthly growth rates and reached financial break-even in the month of September," says founder

In September of this year, the subsidiary company received the status of an IT PARK resident in Uzbekistan.

Until January 1, 2028, IT Park residents are completely exempt from paying all types of taxes and deductions to state trust funds, as well as from paying social tax.